Accommodation & Hospitality

one of the most important and significant sectors in logistics support in the Kingdom and around the world. We facilitate the harnessing of cadres of workers to establish and operate restaurants, cafés, and hotels based on the requirements of the work and the policy of the establishment that needs a cadre. Some the tasks assigned in this sector are to prepare food schedules, maintain arrangements, clean food and prepare operational action plans. This sector is not limited to the provision of limited services but is intertwined with and complementary to all other sectors: medical, education, and marketing, among others.

Beneficiaries of these services: restaurants and cafes; hotels, companies organizing parties and events; and managing restaurants. Providing human cadres for hospitality institutions (Saudi and other nationalities).


The main benefits of providing qualified human cadres from Jisr’s for the accommodation & hospitality services sector

  1. Training cadres on customer service and dealing with them according to international standards, in addition to their long experience in hospitality and catering.
  2. Choosing workers with extensive experience and certificates that meet high standards
  3. Saving time, effort, and cost for the facility in selecting and interviewing cadres.

We adopt an innovative, distinctive, creative, and strategically planned approach to find fitting solutions