Medical Sector

Working conditions can lead to a decrease in the workforce in the health and medical services sector. As a result, it is critical to consider the correct selection of workers with high skills and certificates from reliable and accredited universities with strong capabilities to raise the quality of work performance at the Kingdom and international levels in order to maintain business continuity, as our correct selection of operational labor ensures the success of the service sector.

Beneficiaries of these services: hospitals, clinics, medical and health centers, home care, and medical operations.


The main benefits of providing qualified human cadres from Jisr’s medical services sector:

  • The qualified cadres have been trained in the best hospitals inside and outside the Kingdom, and because we realize the importance of the quality of the cadres required, we are keen to comply with the requirements and regulations with high standards.
  • The professional cadre is familiar with the laws and regulations of the Ministry of Health and Health Affairs that are related to hospitals and health facilities with different activities.
  • Selected cadres are experienced and approved by the Health Specialties Commission.

We adopt an innovative, distinctive, creative, and strategically planned approach to find fitting solutions