Operation & Maintenance

The operation and maintenance sector are of great importance in operating vital facilities in the public sector, and this sector contains job opportunities for Saudis. As we take into consideration the laws and regulations stipulated by the Kingdom in the operation and maintenance contracts in order to identify the training and development needs of these cadres of operation and maintenance personnel. Examples of areas covered in these contracts are: mechanics, electricity, public safety and public services, and information technology.

Beneficiaries of these services: government sectors, government departments, transportation, and telecommunications institutions.


The main benefits of providing qualified human cadres for the operation and maintenance services sector

  1. Choosing trained workers to use devices and equipment to maintain their safety and the safety of the work environment.
  2. Providing human cadres with expertise, skills, and high professionalism in maintenance.
  3. The commitment of cadres to follow public safety and occupational health regulations.

We adopt an innovative, distinctive, creative, and strategically planned approach to find fitting solutions