Support Services Sector

This sector is considered one of the commercial support activities for the main departments and tasks of the company and focuses on managing employees in the facility in terms of follow-up of work hours, managing financial affairs, and preparing the budget in line with strategic plans and objectives. All of these tasks require a qualified cadre with high standards administrative qualities to develop the facility, which benefits both the facility and the employees, where the employees are agreed with operational contracts, tasks, and report management, and automated integration with employee relationship management systems lead to improving the performance of the facility locally and globally.

Beneficiaries of these services: Information Technology Department, Call Centers and Financial Cooperation Department, Human Resources and Career Development Department, Human Resources Solutions in Administrative Services, banks and restaurants.


The main benefits of providing qualified human cadres from Jisr’s support and logistic services sector:

  1. Saving time, effort and cost in searching for highly qualified and experienced employees.
  2. Attracting highly skilled employees.
  3. controlling the employees data and facilitating work via cloud systems.

We adopt an innovative, distinctive, creative, and strategically planned approach to find fitting solutions